How can we grow and lead in surgery?

  • O J Garden University of Edinburgh


It is a privilege to deliver this prestigious lecture in the name of Charles FM Saint who was the first Professor of Surgery at the University of Cape Town in 1920. He is known widely in medicine for the triad that bears his name but he was also recognised by many as a gifted and inspirational surgical teacher and trainer.1 He gave priority to teaching as opposed to research when involved in establishing the first medical school in South Africa. It is estimated that some 1 300 students passed through his hands during his tenure of the chair of  surgery. Furthermore, his two-fold approach to teaching surgery included addressing the principles and the  application of the principles in practice around clinical teaching and surgical pathology.2 His legacy has  ontinued over the last 100 years at the University of Cape Town which continues to set high standards in  urgical innovation, education and research.

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O J Garden, University of Edinburgh

Professor Emeritus, Edinburgh Surgery Online, University of Edinburgh

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