A perspective on paediatric surgical training: opportunities and challenges

Nirav Patel, Jerome Loveland


Globally, the training of paediatric surgeons is facing numerous challenges. Exposure to rare and complex index pathology is vital in the training of competent paediatric surgeons, but it is this rarity and complexity that creates a fundamental challenge to training programmes the world over.1 In the developing world, large paediatric populations facilitate trainee exposure to a wide variety of pathology and high case volume, but this training often occurs in settings in which treatment and teaching may not match the level of that in the developed world.1,2 In the developed world, training in paediatric surgery is under pressure from numerous fronts. Trainee work hour restrictions, the decreasing incidence of congenital abnormalities due to improved maternal screening programmes and funding directives resulting in simple paediatric surgical cases being treated outside of tertiary centres and thus out of reach of trainees have combined to decrease trainee exposure to rare and complex as well as and to common paediatric surgical pathologies.1


paediatric surgical training; opportunities; challenges

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