Laparoscopic treatment of type III para-oesophageal hernia

  • M L van Niekerk Wits


Type III congenital para-oesophageal hernia is a rare condition in children and is characterised by the herniation of both a substantial portion of the stomach and the gastro-oesophageal junction into the chest. This report describes the laparoscopic repair of 4 para-oesophageal hernias in children between 2002 and 2010. All hernias were treated successfully using the laparoscopic method. There were no recurrences. The laparoscopic repair of a para-oesophageal hernia is technically challenging, but is feasible and safe in the hands of paediatric surgeons familiar with laparoscopic anti-reflux surgery.
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van Niekerk, M. (2011). Laparoscopic treatment of type III para-oesophageal hernia. South African Journal of Surgery, 49(1), 47-48.